My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is this: I teach as diligently as I can so my students will learn as much as they can. I teach in a fun way so they will love learning. I encourage and praise constantly so they will be filled with confidence to tackle the many tasks that seem so difficult to them. I teach them to be brave and not to be afraid of hard things. I learned from Anna Gillingham to “go as fast as I can but as slow as I must.” I understand that there are bad days, and I show grace. I have high expectations and teach my students that they should reach for the stars and not set limits on their dreams. I believe in them, and I am their biggest cheerleader.

As their teacher, I want to make a difference in their lives every day. And if God can use me in any way to inspire, help, challenge, and encourage my students, I am so humbled, and I am so thankful.

Encouraging every dyslexic student to reach for the stars!